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 More Things To Do

Things to do in and around Des Moines, Iowa.


1. Be entertained the Temple for Performing Arts.
2. Tour the State Capital building.
3. Kick back and listen to your favorite radio station.
4. Take a hike at Gray's Lake Park.
5. Go horseback riding.
6. Enjoy breakfast at your favorite restaurant.
7. Go to a Car Show.
8. Watch the sun rise.
9. Go Antiquing.
10. Take a bike iride at Raccoon River Valley Trail.
11. Learn to garden.
12. Enjoy a book at one of our many Des Moines parks,
13. Enjoy live music at Vaudeville Mews.
14. Play a round of golf.
15. Take a sip and enjoy the view at Summerset Winery.
16. Tour the East Village.
17. Take photos of old buildings.
18. Join a dart league.
19. Visit the Library.
20. Go to the movies.
21. See what's happening at the Community Center.
22. Start swimming/scuba lessons.
23. Be encouraging at a Little League game.
24. Go for a drive.
25. Make your Mom a mug at a ceramics class.
26. Go to the Farmers Market.
27. Go to a ball game.
28. Fireworks at a ball game.
29. Take your dog to obedience school.
(no seriously, take your dog to obedience school)
30. Go bird watching.
31. Make a difference at a Volunteer Center.
32. Take a tour of the Salisbury House Mansion.
33. Enjoy a picnic at Pioneer Park.
34. Enjoy musical theatre at the Des Moines Community Playhouse.
35. Fish at the Fort Des Moines Park Pond.
36. Have a lobster dinner at a fine restaurant.
37. Pet the animals at the Furry Friends Adoption.
38. Go bowling.
39. Go camping.
40. Sunbathe at Big Creek State Lake.
41. Enroll your kids in soccer.
42. Become a Big Brother/Sister.
43. Attend a play at the High School.
44. Rollerblade at one of our many trails or parks.
45. Feed the monkeys at Blank Park Zoo.
46. Picnic anywhere.
47. Find a bargain at the rummage sales.
48. Enter your kids in the reading program at the library.
49. Eat in a new restaurant.
50. Visit a new church.
51. Go for ice cream.
52. Canoe down the Des Moines River.
53. Get a rubdown at the day spa.
54. Window shop.
55. Take a martial arts class.
56. Visit & explore the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.
57. Go fly a kite.
58. Watch a minor league game at Principle Park.
59. Get a whoppin' big sundae.
60. Donate food to your local food pantry.
61. Football games at the High School.
62. Rent a jet ski.
63. Revisit history at Terrace Hill.
64. Visit a yard sale.
65. Take a Family Fun Trip to the Science Center of Iowa.
66. See the sights at Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens.
67. Play a game of billiards.
68. Cool off at the community pool.
69. Tour historical Court Avenue.
70. Is it Iowa State Fair time?
71. Tour the Confluence Brewing Company.
72. Take a trip to Pappajohn Sculpture Park.
73. Volunteer for a local charity.
74. Go padddleboarding.
75. Visit an art gallery.
76. Golf anyone?
77. Take a bicycle ride though town.
78. Send us your suggestion!

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